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About us

239 Arts is a group of artists dedicated to fostering the creativity of young people by creating art for everyone. We aim to give new artists a space where their ideas can be supported and developed by others looking to collaborate. We encourage creative connection so that enthusiastic artists, especially those coming out of school, have an artistic space where they can meet and work with people around their age. Our work focuses on giving young artists voices and creative agency through constructive collaboration and artistic connection. 

239 W 49th St, NYC





Due to the current COVID-19 epidemic, our in-person meetings have been canceled. You can still join us via Zoom!

Please contact us for further information.

239 Arts welcomes any kind of art into their space, be it dramatic, musical, poetic, performative, visual, etc. The group gathers once a week in the basement of St. Malachy's, the Actor's Chapel. We are a part of the vibrant artistic community at St. Malachy's, though our work and process are not religious in nature. We explore all aspects of the human condition and are eager to engage with any creative endeavors our members want to pursue! Our meetings are split into two sections; the Collaborative (at 6:30pm) and the Production (at 8:00pm). They occur consecutively and young artists may attend one and/or the other meeting.

We always welcome new members and exciting new minds! Anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, citizenship status, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, and disability may participate. If you would like to visit, please shoot us a quick message!


In the 239 Arts Collaborative, we encourage ensemble connection and the ideas of young artists. These meetings are conducted as creative workshops and are open to the public; anyone with an idea, piece, or creative passion is welcome to join! If you don't have a piece you'd like to share or work on, but would like to meet young artists to collaborate with, you are welcome as well! This workshop is for young artists interested in all stages of creative development. Whether you have an idea you'd like to bounce around or if you want feedback on a finished piece, you are welcome here!


239 Arts Productions was formed as a result of our workshop group, the 239 Arts Collaborative. Our production group is focused on taking certain work developed in the collaborative—particularly work that involves collective ensemble effort—and brings it to a new stage of development. We encourage collaboration in our production process and love to give young artists the opportunity to have their work produced.

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